Friday, October 23, 2009

A Big Bed!

My youngest daughter turned 3 in August and up until now has still been in a cot, partly because we have not had the money to buy a Tas Oak King Single bed like my other daughter's and partly because she is "my baby"! We have been getting a little visitor in our bed most nights (followed by her older sister), we are waking up stiff & sore and have just about had enough.

Today I mentioned this in conversation to my hairdresser who very kindly offered me her daughter's old bed. It is not quite my style however it may be sometime before we are able to purchase one so I accepted her offer. So tonight Sophie has gone to bed in her very own "Big Bed" - just like her sister. Hopefully we will all get a good nights sleep!

Here she is looking very proud in her new bed.

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