Friday, January 29, 2010

Market Time

I have been away this week both at our shack and in the North West Coast of Tassie, so I have not had much time or indeed access to technology (no internet or mobile coverage on NW Coast - thanks Optus!).

Anyway, upon getting home last night I was excited to read my email and find that I have been successful in obtaining a stall at the upcoming Barn Market. To say I am excited is actually an understatement, this will be my first market and I am just a little nervous as well. I have so much still to do, so the next 2 weeks are going to be crazy busy!

The market is being held at the Rosny Barn behind Eastlands Shopping Centre from 10am to 3pm on Saturday 13th February. It will be full of unique and local handcrafted products, as well as coffee, snacks and fresh produce. The market supports local established and up-and-coming (that's me), independent art and craft makers/designers. Take a look at their blog here for more info, and if you look at the photo preview of stall holders and look down the bottom right corner you'll see my "train applique tee"!

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Holiday Fun

Trying to keep the kids busy during the school holidays isn't easy at times, but a day out and about is always good.

Yesterday I had to go into town to run a few errands, so 3 of the 4 kids came with me (my youngest was at childcare). We headed to the mall before catching up for coffee with my brother & mum, and bumped into none other than Bart & Homer Simpson at the T Life shop in the Mall.

We left with photos & balloons and grabbed a mini cupcake each from "Cutie Cupcakes" next door. We then headed to Spotlight for some sewing supplies for me and then onto Officeworks so the kids could buy stickers, pens etc for school. They had a great time running around the aisles with the mini kids trolleys - narrowly missing several shoppers!

That was my day gone and I felt absolutely exhausted!

My niece Rebecca, daughter Emma, "Homer" and nephew Josh.

More Market Fun

I made a quick visit to the Handmade Hobart Market at St Peter's Hall in Harrington St today. It's only their 2nd market and 1st for 2010.

I met the lovely Katrina from Roocke Cookies and bought some of her Chop Chip Cookies to take to a family bbq tomorrow. I used to work with Katrina in another life as a "McDonalds Employee", but I had no idea it was her behind the business. It was Katrina's first time at a market and I wish her all the best for her new venture.

Check out her blog and sample her cookies if you get the chance. It's great to support other small/handmade businesses.

Family Pack (x10) of Choc Chip "Roocke Cookies".

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More "Knotty" Necklaces

With keen onlookers today (my niece & nephew), I managed to make another 2 "Fabric Knotty Necklaces" and another new product - a "Head Scarf". This turned out really well, I just might make the ends slightly longer to accommodate larger heads, as they will be "One Size Fits All". I have also started another Reversible Skirt, which I hope to finish tonight, although I am on my 2nd glass of Sauv. Blanc so we'll see how far I get!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Busy

I have been quiet on the blogging front since the New Year but busy doing lots of things.

* Sunny days at the shack
* Catching up with family & friends,
* Tidying up and re-organising around the house ready for the year ahead

Obviously with school holidays I have not been able to get as much sewing done as I would like, especially seeing as I have 4 kids in the house - my two & my niece and nephew. But I am determined to not let that stop me and I have been busy at the sewing machine the last 2 days. I am planning to appear at some local markets this year and have already put in some applications, so I need to build up my stock.

Yesterday I made 9 applique tees - with my "Bird" design and a new "Hearts" design. I decided to add the ribbons & buttons on the hearts because it looked a little plain without them.

My tees all in a row.

I also made some "Fabric Knotty Necklaces" in the same fabric as the tees. I have been wanting to try these for a while now and whilst the first one seemed to take me forever, the other 3 were done in no time at all. I am really happy with them and will definitely make more.

Stay tuned for more info on the markets I will be appearing at this year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all - 2010 already! We have had a lovely time over the last couple of days at the family shack and welcomed in the new year with some local fireworks. I don't have any new year resolutions as such, just to eat less & exercise more really.

This year has seen many changes in our lives, my husband was working in NSW, then started a new job in VIC. As he had been living and working away from home for 18mths, we decided to pack up and move with him to VIC. After only 3 weeks in the job, the main contractor (who employed him), lost the contract and Andrew was out of a job. Luckily we hadn't packed up our house or moved at that stage, but it was a huge shock! So we were together as a family again, but with no income, things started looking a bit grim.

He was offered a job here in Hobart a couple of months later, only to have the company change their mind a week later - very unprofessional! So since May of 2009 we have had no steady income and mortgage and other bills still to pay. I think the longer you are unemployed the harder it gets to find a job. He has put so many applications in, has had some interviews but also many "thanks but no thanks" emails. We are holding our breathe and hoping the phone rings on Monday, as he had 2 job interviews just before Christmas and are feeling positive that at least one will be offered to him.

So 2009 couldn't come to an end fast enough, as far as I was concerned. I am sure that 2010 will see things return to normal and open new doors for both of us.

On a more positive note: - We came back from the shack yesterday evening and I have been busy today shopping for school supplies (already!) and restocking the pantry. Tonight we are all going to the Moscow Circus which is in town, and it will be the first time that the kids have been to the circus - very exciting!

Tomorrow we have a morning tea birthday party for a friends daughter's 2nd birthday, and I am about to start sewing her birthday present - nothing like starting things at the 11th hour.

Anyway, life goes on and there are always things to keep you occupied.

I trust everyone had a safe and happy new year and I wish you all a prosperous and fulfilling 2010.
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