Friday, November 27, 2009

Sunday's Child Business Cards

Well yes they have finally arrived - my business cards. They will serve as not only business cards, but garment tags and cards for my hair ties & clips. The colour of the red is more of a cranberry red but the photo doesn't show it that well (am using my iphone at the moment). The quality of the cards was not quite what I was looking for but they will be fine for now.

I was actually in the process of having a logo designed but have had to put that on hold due to financial constraints, but hope to get that happening again in the new year. So for now these will grace my designs.


  1. I think they look cute! I use moo cards for mine, they are small but stylish designs and very affordable and I use them as tags too! Also check out etsy for affordable designs and cards too!!!

    your girls are just gorgeous!


  2. Thanks Corrie, I have had a look at Moo but was overwhelmed with the choice! I didn't think to search on Etsy for such things, I will take a look. Thanks for your comment and advice.

    By the way your children are gorgeous as well - very angelic!


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