Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday at Handmade Hobart

Well we braved the wet & windy weather yesterday to visit Hobart's newest designer handmade market - Handmade Hobart, and we weren't disappointed. I must admit I did bribe the children into coming by promising to buy them a cupcake each from Maddie's Cupcake Creations. Maddie makes the most intricate decorations on her cupcakes and they are just works of art. Sadly the girls were that excited about them that I didn't get a chance to take any photos. She had an array of different animals and the girls chose the "butterfly" & the "sheep".

After cupcakes they also enjoyed a babycino from "Barista Sista". I took a photo of the market in action from the stage, which was nicely set up with tables & chairs to enjoy a coffee.

It is a great location at St Peter's Hall, cnr Harrington & Brisbane Sts, and the hall was full of lovely stalls and a bustling crowd. There was an array of stalls from jewellery, children & baby's wear & accessories, stationery, felt scarves, hand dyed/spun wool and of course cupcakes and coffee.

I definitely give it the thumbs up and congratulate the organisers. The next market is scheduled for 23rd & 24th January 2010.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Button Hair Ties

My self cover button supplies arrived and using some off cuts form the fabrics I made the reversible tops from, I have created some large button hair ties. I whipped these up really quickly and am very happy with them. I think I'll get the next size down also for some smaller hair ties. I also like the way they look on my new cards (photo taken with iphone again - not great quality).

Sunday's Child Business Cards

Well yes they have finally arrived - my business cards. They will serve as not only business cards, but garment tags and cards for my hair ties & clips. The colour of the red is more of a cranberry red but the photo doesn't show it that well (am using my iphone at the moment). The quality of the cards was not quite what I was looking for but they will be fine for now.

I was actually in the process of having a logo designed but have had to put that on hold due to financial constraints, but hope to get that happening again in the new year. So for now these will grace my designs.

Handmade Hobart

Yet another market has popped onto the scene here in Hobart, the aptly named Handmade Hobart. The market is at St Peter's Hall, Cnr Harrington & Brisbane Sts and runs Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th from 11am to 4pm.

I look forward to dropping by tomorrow and checking out all the goodies on offer. I have already promised my daughters' a cupcake each from Maddie's Cupcake Creations - yum!

Images courtesy of Handmade Hobart

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Recent Creations

I have not been as fast with the creating/sewing as I would have liked due to some personal issues and unfortunately have missed all the lovely Christmas markets here in Hobart.

Not to worry, I have decided to just put my head down and get stuck into it and work towards a new year market. So here are my first creations.

I have tested out a pattern for a reversible pop over top and am really happy with the results. I made two of them with the same fabrics and the great thing is that these can start as dresses and then become tops as the child grows.

I then made some applique bird tees with the left over fabric. The fabric is fused & top stitched, the legs are a zig zag stitch, there is a small wing in contrasting fabric and a button eye. My inspiration for this design was the lovely metal bird which I bought from a stall at Salamanca Markets earlier in the year. I also intend to create some hair ties/clips with the same fabric.

I know it's not much but it's a great start and I am very excited.

I am also waiting on some self cover button accessories & my business cards to arrive, so it's all happening. Never mind that it's my daughter's birthday in just over 2 weeks and then Christmas 11 days after that - yikes!

So many shoes ..... so little time!

I'm sure you'll agree, a girl can never have too many shoes. My youngest daughter just loves them (like her mum), and even wears her older sisters shoes for fun. Yesterday we went to town and I needed to replace her old pair of "sparkly pink shoes", which have seen better days. We found a lovely pair of shoes in Target which were also on sale and we couldn't decide on the pink or the silver - so we got both. On the way home in the car she wanted her shoes but couldn't decide which pair to wear, got very frustrated, started screaming and getting very upset, and then promptly fell asleep holding both pairs of shoes.

I think several hours shopping had taken it's toll on her, poor little thing and it was all too much. I just had to take this photo of her though - so cute!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro

Today I am sending out birthday wishes to my little brother Tim (turning 32 today). I won't get to see him or probably even speak to him this year unfortunately, as he is currently on deployment in the Middle East with the Air Force. He has been working 10-12 hr days, 7 days straight for almost 4 mths now. He will be getting a 2 week break at the end of this month and then he is due home in Feb 2010. So "Happy Birthday Tim", I hope you don't have to work too hard today!
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