Saturday, January 23, 2010

Holiday Fun

Trying to keep the kids busy during the school holidays isn't easy at times, but a day out and about is always good.

Yesterday I had to go into town to run a few errands, so 3 of the 4 kids came with me (my youngest was at childcare). We headed to the mall before catching up for coffee with my brother & mum, and bumped into none other than Bart & Homer Simpson at the T Life shop in the Mall.

We left with photos & balloons and grabbed a mini cupcake each from "Cutie Cupcakes" next door. We then headed to Spotlight for some sewing supplies for me and then onto Officeworks so the kids could buy stickers, pens etc for school. They had a great time running around the aisles with the mini kids trolleys - narrowly missing several shoppers!

That was my day gone and I felt absolutely exhausted!

My niece Rebecca, daughter Emma, "Homer" and nephew Josh.


  1. Sonia, your creations are very stylish & beautiful. I'm looking forward to viewing your little boy's label. Aly - Seeds Of Today

  2. Thanks Aly, I will definitely be doing my boys items as well.


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