Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day

Well we've had a lovely day, despite the dreary, wet weather. We all had a sleep in thanks to getting home at 12:30am this morning from a friend's 40th birthday bash in Margate - the girls are such party animals, dancing into the night with the live band!

We headed off to lunch with my mum, at Fish Frenzy for some delicious fish & chips. Then we wandered over to the newly re-furbished Mures for some yummy ice cream and coffee. I just had to order the Choc Royale Sundae - complete with chocolate & vanilla ice cream, cream, wafers & meringues! No dinner for me tonight.

We've then spent the afternoon on the lounge in front of the tv, just relaxing and taking it easy.

I hope all the dad's out there have been spoilt today and know that you are very much loved and appreciated!

I'm also remembering my dad today, who sadly didn't get to meet his grand daughters, as he passed away nearly 7 years ago, when I was 6 months pregnant with Emma & just before my 30th birthday.

What a tumoltous time that was for all of us, and Andrew was definitely my rock! Dad was ever the optimist, he genuinely thought he would beat his illness but sadly it wasn't to be. He was always smiling and so generous of his time to others. He was my hero and it's so sad that he is not with us now.

He was a school teacher and was always teaching my brother and I throughout our lives, instilling life's lessons, wisdom and bit of advice along the way. I remember not long after he had died, thinking how was I going to finish the renovations on our house, as he had been such a help but I was reminded that when he was faced with a challenge dad would just say "it's just another problem to be solved" - that was dad, there was nothing that couldn't be solved, fixed or overcome.

I am without any decent photos of dad, as we didn't have a digital camera back then, so I've had to take a photo of a photo, until I can scan some for better quality.

Here we are on my wedding day, he was so proud and I was so excited to have my father walk me down the aisle.

Up until the morning of the wedding, I didn't think dad would make it as he was admitted to hospital the Wednesday before the big day. We had rehearsed with my brother walking me down the aisle, but on the day dad arrived with an oxygen tank in tow, and was able to be by my side. He was only able to attend the reception up until entree and then had to return to hospital - not before taking a few bottles of red back for the nurses. That was my dad, he was always thinking of others and finding the good things in every situation.

He didn't get to experience the ride to the church in the wedding car - a classic silver Jaguar which I had organised especially for him, or the beautiful dinner at Moorilla. So on Fathers' Day of the same year as our wedding, I took dad back to Moorilla for a surprise lunch and then as we were leaving we were met in the car park by the owner of the Jaguar who took us on a lovely afternoon drive around Hobart. I will never forget the look on dad's face when he turned around and saw the Jaguar - he was so surprised and excited, and he even got a bit teary.

So Happy Fathers' Day Dad - love you and miss you heaps! xo


  1. My goodness, Sonia. Thanks for sharing those lovely insights into your dad. I feel privileged to have read this. J x

  2. Oh thanks Jane. Just remembering the good times with dad makes me sad & happy at the same time. But he'll always be with me. I was so lucky to be his daughter!

  3. Gorgeous. Here's a toast to absent fathers!


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