Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Beautiful Girls

They are growing up so fast! These photos were taken on Sunday whilst enjoying Fathers' Day on the Hobart Waterfront.

Aren't they gorgeous!


  1. How absolutely divine, Sonia! I must remember to ask Ian to take some photos of me with the pixies. I'm always the photo taker on PB! You're lucky to get them both together like that. I think it will be a while longer for us, at least while Sam 'Quicksilver' is on the move! J x

  2. Your girls are gorgeous and they are beautiful photos!

  3. Thanks girls. It's really tricky to get a nice photo of Emma, so I'm really happy with these. Soph on the other hand will jump in front of the camera whenever she gets the chance!

  4. LOVE the photos.... such gorgeous girls!


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