Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweet Envy

Emma & I popped into a lovely new shop in North Hobart yesterday called "Sweet Envy, where we indulged in a little cupcake goodness.

Whilst I meant to take photos of our lovely cakes, they were devoured all too quickly - but they were yummy!

Here's a photo taken from their website of the "Lemon Delicious" cupcake which Emma had. Isn't it gorgeous!

They have a gorgeous window display of wedding cakes and they also sell biscuits, cupcakes, ice cream, old fashioned candy and have a wonderful range of cakes, slices & pastry items to have with your tea or coffee.

"Sweet Envy" are located at 341 Elizabeth St, North Hobart. You can also visit their website to see lots of photos of their yummy creations.


  1. Aren't those wedding cakes in the window stunning? Yup, I'm excited about Sweet Envy too. We tried macarons (perfect) but had to take them home as there wasn't room for our big pram. Now North Hobart just needs a lovely little bookshop and I'll be in local retail heaven!

  2. Yum, Sonia! My sister gave me a macaron and a cupcake the other day - divine. I have to go there this weekend! J x

  3. Yes I'm planning to go back with some girlfriends. It's just a shame there aren't more tables/chairs but I guess as the weather warms up it would be nice to take a cupcake or macaroon with you to a nearby park.

  4. So delicious looking! And pretty too, I bet they are super popular xo

  5. The shop's only been open about a week Beck, but I'm sure once the word gets out it will prove very popular.

  6. yummo, will have to check it out next time I drive past.


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