Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thank You xo

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I just read this on Facebook. The person came across it sometime ago but has since lost the link. It certainly expresses the way I and many others feel when our lovely customers support us.

Thanks to all my lovely customers, especially those who have recently purchased from me. xo

"To every single person who makes the choice to buy handmade…
Thank you.

Thank you for choosing to send your money directly to the maker.
Thank you for choosing to buy fair-trade, non-sweatshop goods.
Thank you for valuing the unique.
Thank you for re-investing in the economy by investing in a real person, rather than a corporation.
Thank you for keeping my dream alive.
Thank you for allowing me the freedom to do what I love."


  1. We're so lucky that you take the time and effort to make such lovely clothes for us, Sonia. Supporting your business is a great pleasure. J x


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