Monday, August 9, 2010

At My House

After a lovely birthday & lazy weekend, I have been busy today tidying up, washing & ironing - boring I know!

But I have also been taking lots of photos of my garments ready to list in my online store I am setting up. After mulling over the various options - Etsy, Madeit, Shopify, Zen Cart I think I have decided to go with Big Cartel.

Here are some funny shots taken when the girls got in front of the camera (even the dog had to join in). The quality of the photos are so much better when I'm using hubbie's Canon 40D digital camera!

I am also busy this week getting a few things done for my next market on 20th & 21st August plus setting about finding some part time work - yikes!

I'm hoping to find something in retail, 3 or 4 days a week, which will just help that little bit towards the running of the house, bills etc etc and in purchasing a new car (well new "used" car), seeing as we have been driving a loan car for several months now.

Anyway, must get back to it! Join in and play along here and tell us what's going on At Your Place.


  1. Sounds like my Mondays - tidying up, washing, etc. after the (sort of) relaxing on the weekends. Looks like lots of fun personality in your girls - great photos.

    All the best with the job hunting - never especially fun but something that needs to be done. Hope it goes well.

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  2. Hey Sonia, love the photo's of your girls, they look like such a gorgeous pair. I'm looking forward to seeing your shop too. Hope you have a happy week xo

  3. Thanks Lou, my younger one loves having her photo taken, the older one - not so much! But these photos were taken casually & quickly which are often the best ones. Hope to find a nice little job soon.

    Hi Beck, thanks for your info on Big Cartel, I'll let you know when my shop is up & running - hopefully not long! :)

  4. Spontaneous photos are the best, Sonia - your daughters are gorgeous! Good on you for taking the plunge in setting up an online store - best of luck.

  5. Thanks Jane, will let you know when the shop is open!

  6. all the best with your new store opening! great happy pics! :)

  7. Thanks Sarah, I'm working on the store tonight so hope to have it live tomorrow.

  8. Sonia, your girls are very pretty and I love your pics of them. All the very best with your Big Cartel store (I know you'll do great) and also the job hunting.
    wish I could have made it down to the barn market this month! have a great time.

  9. Thanks Aimee, I'm busy working on the store now. It's all coming together nicely - Big Cartel is very easy to use. I'm looking forward to The Barn Market, it's should be great fun! Take care xo


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