Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space ....

Lots going on around here at the moment, and not a lot as well! I have so much to do but can't seem to decide what is more important.

But seeing as we have a birthday in our family tomorrow my mind & creativeness has been focussed on that.

My "little girl" is turning 4, so I have been busy baking cupcakes for her to take to childcare.

Lovely pink cupcake goodness!

And I am about to set up her main birthday present (from Mummy, Daddy, Big Sister Em & Gran) - The Sweetheart Cottage! I am so excited as I just love wooden toys and I know Sophie will just adore this dolls house. It comes complete with furniture and I also bought a family set of 4 people to live in the house. I never had a lovely dolls house like this when I was a girl, so I'm so glad to be able to give one to my daughter for her to enjoy. I'm sure her big sister will love it too!

"The Sweetheart Cottage" from Ruby's Room.

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  1. I hope your little sweetie has the happiest birthday ever! She is sure to love her pink cupcakes, they look gorgeous. And the dolls house is divine, have fun celebrating with your big 4 year old xo


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