Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sophie's Birthday Party

We had a lovely afternoon tea party for Sophie's 3rd Birthday. I just kept it simple and had a couple of friends & their children over. The food consisted of honey joys, fairy bread, chips, fruit platter, sausage rolls, teddy bear cars (as requested by Emma!) and of course the cake.

We did have a game of musical chairs as a bit of fun, and then they just played together.

Blowing out the candle on the Butterfly Cake.

He, he, he!

The Famous Teddy Bear Cars, we seem to do these at every birthday party. I did notice that one teddy seems to be suffering a bit of
"road rage"!

More food.

A lovely new puzzle.


  1. how cute are the tiny teddy cars! love them.

  2. Yes, the cars have become a party staple at our place. I give the job of construction to my husband!


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