Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday's Child Central

I just love being organised, it's part of my nature and the way I have always been. We are very lucky to live in a new home with lots of storage space, so just about everything has a home behind closed doors. There were a few things that didn't quite get finished before we moved in and some things which are still waiting to be completed - shelving in my linen cupboard was one of them.

Here is my linen cupboard.

And here is what it looked like until yesterday. Basically without shelves it was just somewhere we put things that wouldn't fit anywhere else but there was also a lot of wasted space, which really annoyed me.

My lovely mum wanted to do something for me, to help out with Sunday's Child and I had been wanting to have shelves installed in the cupboard for all my linen, which now fits well in all my laundry storage. But then I thought the space would be a great location for all my supplies, fabrics & sewing bits & bobs. She kindly donated some money for me to buy these shelves. I went out and bought them yesterday, came home & pulled everything out of the cupboard & was all ready to set them up, only to find that I couldn't find a hammer (the only tool required). A further rummage around in the garage and I found a mallet which turned out to be a better choice anyway. So not that long later, the shelves were up and they fitted perfectly!

I then spent the better half of yesterday evening, collating all my supplies, fabrics etc from the laundry & around the house, into the new shelves. So now I have everything in one place, more space in the laundry as a result and ...

.... my sewing drawers on wheels fit perfectly in the cupboard too. So now when I'm finished sewing, I can pack the machine onto the drawers & wheel them into the cupboard, close the doors and it's all packed away! Thanks Mum xo.


  1. wow - organisation plus!! that looks fantastic and what a great job you did and bonus that your sewing cupboard fits too!

  2. Thanks, yes it's all come together rather nicely!

  3. How great is that? Your cupboard looks great.
    I am not an organised person but recently bought some shelving from Ikea for my studio. It holds most of my fabric and its fabulous, now I'm a little bit organised.

  4. Yes I'm really happy with it. I just looove Ikea, it's such ashame we don't have it here in Tassie. Just to have your fabrics all organised is great though, makes it easier to find what you're looking for.

  5. OH this looks GREAT! One day when we have the renovation done - there are big plans to have a very organised storage full craft room!

    Great to see you again at the Barn.


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