Sunday, July 25, 2010

That's Tassie for You

A phrase I hear a lot & say quite often too is "That's Tassie for You!". It couldn't have been more true today.

Whilst sitting in church this morning, I looked over at the kids to see one of the girls holding a gorgeous handmade bunny rabbit, which I instantly recognised as a "Dandelion" creation.

It turned out that little Zoe is the niece of the lovely Beck who creates these beautiful bunnies. Beck lives in Daylesford, country Victoria with her family (5 children I believe) one of whom is called "Sunday". Her brother Ben comes to church with his 2 daughters, one of whom was there today - Zoe.

Here's Zoe with her gorgeous bunny "Eloise".

Zoe, her dad Ben & "Eloise".

Head over to Beck's blog to see her wonderful creations.


  1. Oh Sonia, your post made me cry! Thanks so much for posting these photo's of Ben & Zoe who, along with Julia & Gemma, I miss so much. How funny and amazing that you would meet them!! But as you said, That's Tassie! It's the kind of thing that would happen in Daylesford too. I just can't thank you enough for this post, it really made my day xo

  2. Sure understand that "Tassie" thing - isn't it great what a community we have in a whole state :)

  3. I've been saying that more and more since i moved here!

  4. I think that's one of the best things about Tassie. It's great!

  5. what a great post. we really do live in a small world.


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