Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another busy day

After a late night out (got home at 1am - catch up and some "Guitar Hero" with good friends!), we headed off to Kidz Bizzzz Playcentre in Kingston for my daughter's 6th birthday party.

It was a great day, as the kids ran around had a lot of fun, followed by food and cake. Emma received a lot of lovely gifts - creative crafty kits, books, jewellery and a lovely summer dress. I've spent the afternoon doing some of the activities with her - rubber stamp kit, bracelet making and stain glass window decorations.

I've also cooked some cupcakes for her to take to school tomorrow. I still need to ice & decorate them though. I am not sure if they will be any good though, as I have used an "egg free, dairy free" recipe (due to allergies in her class). I've never cooked with this recipe before and the consistency was quite different to a normal cake batter. I'm sure the kids will like them all the same.

On a different note I had to post a picture of the reversible cross-over pinafore top I made again. I had a lovely phone call this afternoon from a friend who saw this top today, being worn by little Ruby. She liked it so much she rang to order one as a Christmas gift for her great niece. I am very excited because this is my first sale and custom order. It's lovely to know that others like my creations.

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