Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday - The Big Six!

Today marks the anniversary of my daughter's 6th birthday. I truly can't believe she is 6. Last night I made some cupcakes for her to take to school and they we're a big hit.

She received some lovely presents yesterday from her party and of course a collection of items from us today.

1. Pair of Pyjamas
2. Pink Clock Radio
3. Smiggle Pencil Case, Gel Pens and Sketch Pad
4. Walle Painting Canvas
5. Wizard of Oz Book with Ruby Slippers Necklace
6. Tickets to stage production of "Wizard of Oz" in Hobart 2010 (she is very excited about this!)

Emma absolutely loves the Wizard of Oz at the moment so when I heard that a stage show was happening I just had to get tickets.

She had a play date this afternoon with a friend from school and then we headed out to dinner for fish & chips and to catch up with my mum, who's birthday is tomorrow.

Emma wanted to dress like "Dorothy" so she wore her blue checked school dress, red sparkly shoes and her hair in plaits. She also carried a stuffed dog in a doll's baby carrier, as if it was "Toto" in his basket. Here she is enjoying an ice cream after dinner.

Happy Birthday Emma! :) xox

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