Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oobi Love

Just over 2 years ago when Andrew was working in country NSW, we were visiting him just prior to xmas and were lucky enough to be able to attend the Wagga Wagga Christmas Craft Fair held at the turf club. What an amazing array of talented artists, crafts people and business owners. They were very inspiring and this was probably one of the first times I thought about starting to sew again and perhaps sell my wares.

At the time I was looking for a new sunhat for Emma particularly as the weather was very hot in Wagga and she was fast growing out of her current one. This is were I purchased her an Oobi sunhat with a lovely wide brim and cute polkadot fabric. I can't remember the name of the stall I bought it from but I do remember they actually had a shop front in Wagga. Believe it or not the hat still fits even though she is now 7yrs old.

As Sophie is growing up fast she has also now grown out of the hat she has been wearing for the last year or so. So I really wanted to get another Oobi sunhat as I just love the fabrics, style and the fact that they seem to last for so long.

The lovely Nikki from Lily & Cooper Children's Clothing who stocks Oobi, recently had a sale on Facebook and I was lucky enough to grab the last "Bridgette Floppy Sunhat". How cute is this?!

I also picked up the "Celeste Ruched Dress".

The Oobi range is a collection on "beautiful, retro, charming and slightly whimsical fashion for children". And I just love the fabrics (especially all the polkadots) and how you can mix and match the pieces together.

Nikki has also set up the "Preloved Oobi for Oobi Lovers" group on Facebook where you can buy & sell Oobi at no cost. What a great idea. So if you're an Oobi Lover like me check out "Lily & Cooper Children's Clothing" and "Preloved Oobi for Oobi Lovers" on Facebook.

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