Saturday, January 22, 2011

Toni Coward - "Bloggers crafts a relief bonanza"

I was just flipping thru the Mercury Newspaper on this sunny Saturday afternoon and came across an article on page 17 with the lovely Toni Coward of Make It Perfect.

The article is about the Qld Flood Appeal Auctions that Toni has co-ordinated with over 300 craft bloggers from around the world being involved - me included! So far the auctions have raised $45,000 and there is still a little over 48hrs to go.

What a fabulous acknowledgment for the time & effort that Toni has put into co-ordinating this auction drive. I hope that it helps get the word out there a little more and we can see the final tally rise even higher.

My donated item the "Red Swirl Bird" - Reversible Crossover Pinafore Top is currently at $50 and if you're interested in bidding all you need to do is visit my post here and leave your bid amount and email address.

Bidding ends at 9pm on Monday 24th January.


  1. You are in BIG trouble Sonia!
    I was hoping that one would go unannounced ;)

  2. HI Sonia (waving at you),

    Oh I am yet to have a read - will do - it is sitting here to be read and I am blogging when children are down.

    Hope you are qell!


  3. Oops sorry Toni, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one to see it. Lets hope it helps increase the bids on lots of items and we can raise even more than $45k. You are a star for organising it all!

    Hi Sarah, we're well. How's the new business going? keeping you busy I expect. Take care

  4. I saw it too - I actually didn't know Toni was a Tasmanian! So impressed with the effort - it's just huge. I'm heading over to your auction now Sonia. x Sarah


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