Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mathilda's - Done and Dusted!

Well after heading to bed at 1am and then having a "little person" come in 5 mins after I lay down (sigh), I was up again at 5:30am this morning.

Surprisingly I had plenty of energy as I headed off, car packed & a tired hubbie in tow (to help me set up). We arrived and started setting up whilst the sun came up over the river - beautiful!

The day went well, although it was noticeably quieter than the last Mathilda's Market. I met some lovely customers, and many who follow this blog. Thank you to all of you for your lovely comments, it was great to meet you in person.

I was next to the lovely Amy from Mudd Kids who came to Hobart from Melbourne with her family for a weekend away. She has an online store selling beautiful organic, fair trade clothing & toys. On the other side of me was Helen from TasFudge, whose delicious choice of fudge is hard to pass up (I went home with 3 different flavours!). I also met Eloise from Itty Bitty who made the trip from Launceston with her mum & young daughter. She makes a beautiful range of hair clips, hair ties & more.

Some of the other wonderful, talented and creative stalholders included - the beautiful Cherie & Meg from Elf Dreams, Courtney & Indy from Silver Nutmeg & A Golden Pear Designs, Miriam from Jasmine Rose, Helen from Pili Pala Pieces, Dean from Zanzo Photography, Naomi from Thula Thula, Becky & Tracey from Miss Chief Designs, Rosie from Notions, Edwina from Little Snoring, Angela from Apooki and Leah & Mel from A-Bit-Clicky.

Here's some photos of my stall on the day, lighting was a bit of an issue, as it was very sunny so they put the blinds down (a shame though as it meant we couldn't see the lovely view).

My daughter's Baby Born doll modelling the "Little Legs"
Baby & Kids Leg Warmers.

Lots of my "Little Legs" Baby & Kids Leg Warmers

I'm looking forward to the November Mathilda's which promises to be a wonderful affair with Christmas just around the corner.


  1. It was lovely to meet you, Sonia. I was the Mum rushing off to my baby's first birthday party. I am saving up to buy some of your long-sleeved tops at The Barn Market - will you have them on sale there or just short-sleeved? I adore your wares - you are a very talented seamstress!

  2. Was great to see you again on Saturday! My daughter loves her teal green t-shirt - had to convince her not to wear it to childcare today (as I'd hate it to come home covered in paint!).

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments Jane. Yes I remember you, hope the party went well. Yes I will still have the long sleeve tees at The Barn + new short sleeve ones as well. Hope to see you then.

  4. Lovely to see you too Ange. It's so hard when they get attached to a garment and want to wear it everywhere, but it would be a shame to have it damaged at childcare. I've had to convince my Sophie of the same. :)


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