Monday, July 5, 2010

A Proud Mum

Emma had a great week at school last week. At the school assembly she was presented with a book for reading for "100 nights". She has always loved books and is already at Grade 2 level, even though she's only in Grade 1.

She was also presented with a "Principal's Award" for "Sticking to a task even though it is hard". Her teacher told me that they had been skipping earlier in the week and Emma was having trouble with it, but instead of giving up she just kept trying until she mastered it. Emma is very hard on herself, and has high expectations so sometimes when she can't do something she will just give up. I was so proud to hear that she had stuck with it!

And finally she also received a Bronze Certificate from the Commonwealth Bank School Banking Program for making "10 deposits" so far this year. I am one of the banking co-ordinators at her school and it's a great way of fundraising as the school receives 5% of all deposits, directly from the bank. The new program this year, provides certificates as children increase their number of deposits - 10 = Bronze, 20 = Silver, 30 = Gold. They also receive a token each time they make a deposit which they can use to redeem for different prizes - bookmarks, pencils, hats, pencil cases etc.

It's so rewarding being a mum, and it's great to see your children achieving, learning and having fun at the same time.

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