Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Girls

The weekend before last, my mum asked if we wanted to take the girls to Kidz Bizzzz Playcentre. Seeing as hubbie was away in Melbourne, I thought it would be a great way to spend a few hours, so after church on Sunday we headed south to Kingston.

The girls had a lovely time playing, running, screaming, smiling, jumping & climbing. I tried very hard to get some nice photos, but it's quite difficult when they won't stay still! Sophie decided to have a lie down at one stage on the jumping castle (not the best place), and lay there with her hands behind her head - very cute!

Then she sat up and started to pose for the camera, finally! Here she is giving Kidz Bizzzz the big "thumbs up"! This would be a great advertising shot for them, don't you think?

Another new activity in the family is dancing. Emma has become very interested in drama and performance - yes she can be a bit of a "drama queen". We took both the girls to the local performance of "The Wizard of Oz" recently at the Theatre Royal and she absolutely loved it! We also knew a couple of the cast (father, daughter & son) and Emma wanted me to find out from them how she could be "on stage".

So we've decided to start with some non-competitve song & dance classes. She has had 3 classes so far, and is really enjoying it. It all costs money though and we had to fit her out with leotard, skirt, stockings, ballet & tap shoes and a bag. Still I'm happy to have her involved in an activity she wants to do and it helps with confidence and co-ordination. It's also happens that there is a girl in her dance class from her class at school, which is great! She's actually picked it up really quickly and is very excited to be involved in the end of year concert. So watch this space - we may have the next Broadway star on our hands!

Here's Emma testing out her dance outfit, only about 30mins after we bought it!

The Ruby Red Slippers

Emma dressed as "Dorothy" & about to see "The Wizard of "Oz at the Theatre Royal


  1. Gorgeous girls. It sounds like you are having a lovely school holidays.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Yes the holidays were lovely, shame they're over already.


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