Friday, July 2, 2010

New Clothing Labels

I was so excited today when I got home to find that the postman had been and there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office.

The card said it was an international parcel which had me wondering for a moment, until I realised it must be my new clothing labels.

They are exactly what I was after and made perfectly to my requirements. They were also very reasonably priced at $79.90 US for 600 woven damask labels. That was including standard shipping from Hong Kong, but I decided to pay an additional $15 US for express shipping.

If you are looking for clothing labels I would highly recommend Worldwide Labels - find them here on etsy.


  1. Hi Sonia,
    how exciting about your labels :)

    love the leg warmers you've been making... they look great!

  2. Hi Aimee, thanks I'm really happy with my labels, I think they look very professional. I've been having fun making the leg warmers too, hopefully they will be well received at the next market.

  3. They look good!!!
    I will be getting some new ones soon too! Unfortuantely supporting Australian businesses in this is a lot more expensive, so I'll be going to US/Hong Kong as well!!

  4. Thanks Nat, yes it is just so expensive to get labels made locally. I was really happy with Worldwide Labels, would definitely recommend them.


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