Sunday, July 4, 2010

This time last week.....

This time last week we had a a lovely afternoon catching up with some friends who had recently returned from the US. We met at the docks and took a wander round the waterfront towards Salamanca. On the way there I noticed this colourful "knitting graffiti" on the bike racks next to Parliament Lawns. I think it looks great and cheers up an otherwise dreary spot. I wonder how long it will stay there?

We had lunch from the fish punts at Constitution Dock followed by an ice cream. We then took the kids down to the new & improved park at Nutgrove Beach in Sandy Bay, where we sat on the grass in the sun & watched them play.

What a gorgeous day it was - so clear, still & sunny. And it looks like another beautiful sunny Sunday in Hobart. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


  1. wow, love what they have done with the bike racks... I love tassie! This made think of an image I have of my daughter swinging from one of them. lovely weekend!

  2. Hi Hayley, yes don't they look great! I took some other photos of the kids playing on them as well. It was a lovely day.


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