Friday, July 2, 2010

My Creative Space ....

Well we are definitely into winter now, although the days have still been lovely and clear & sunny.

In preparation for my next market - Mathilda's on Saturday 17th July, I thought I'd get busy making something which I've been wanting to try for a while now.

So this is what I've been up to:

Baby & Kids Leg Warmers

and some more waiting to be finished

These leg warmers are One Size Fits Most, and depending on the child can fit from Newborn to 6-7yr old. The majority are made from a Cotton/Elastane blend apart from the 3rd picture which are a Wool/Modal/Nylon/Cashmere/Elastane blend - very warm & snuggly for little baby legs!

They are approx. 40cms in length and the baby ones are approx. 23cms. They can even double as arm warmers on older children.

Other features of the leg warmers are:
Protect little knees when crawling
Makes nappy changes easier
Helps keep baby's socks on
Great for toilet training
Keep legs & arms warm year round
Older kids can wear them to dancing or gymnastics
Make a fun fashion statement for any occasion!

They are all $15 each which is great value for money, as they can be worn for several years.


Here's Emma wearing a pair. She is 6yrs old and they sit over the
knee comfortably or can be pulled up to her thigh.

Here's Sophie wearing the same pair. She is only 3yrs old so the
leg warmers fit all the way up to her thigh,
with plenty of room for growth.

For more creative spaces and to play along, head over to Kootoyoo.


  1. They are such a great idea and look gorgeous on your littlies.
    I think stripes make any outfit so much more fun.
    have a great weekend. X

  2. Thanks for your comments Kate. Hope you have a great weekend too. xo

  3. They look fantastic Sonia. Definitely bound to be a huge hit at Mathilda's and in future.
    C xo


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