Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At My House

Well there's a lot of sewing happening at my house this week in preparation for the Handmade Hobart Market this Saturday.

Yesterday & today I have been focussing on Girls Long Sleeve Tees. I really love my "Bird" design and I have it in both red & pink spots. I have also used the lovely Babushka fabric I purchased from Retromummy in another simple circle design with ribbon embellishment. All my long sleeve tees are $30.

Play along here & tell us what's happening at your house this week.

Babushka Circle Tee - $30

Pink Spots Bird Tee - $30

Red Spots Bird Tee - $30


  1. They are great. I love your bird design as well. Hope you have lots of fun at the market - and sell lots of things too!

  2. Thanks Lou, I appreciate your comment. Looking forward to the markets this weekend & next.

  3. I'm doing the same thing. I have been sewing like crazy for the past week as I have a market on Sunday. My house is madness!


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