Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Very Happy Easter!

I received a lovely call today from the office at my daughters' school, informing me that she had won prize No. 36 in the school's Easter Raffle.

Every year the school has a Free Dress day leading up to Easter, where the donation is not a gold coin but an easter egg. They then sell tickets for the raffle to win a pack of easter eggs. This year the school had an amazing amount of chocolates donated and they were able to offer 47 prizes to the children. In years gone by they only had 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes but they have recently changed it to small baskets or parcels of easter eggs in order to give more children the chance to win a prize (and really who needs a washing basket full of chocolate anyway?). Well maybe that would come in handy - mmmmmm chocolate!!!!

So here is my beautiful daughter with her lovely package of an Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs.

And guess what she had for afternoon tea .......!


  1. Hey, well done Emma. What an amazing amount of prizes, and we still didn't get one! oh well, the amount of chocolate that ends up in our house over easter it's probably a good thing. Have a wonderful Easter break xx

  2. Thanks Tina, Emma was so excited! Not that we needed anymore chocolate. It's good that so many kids got to win prizes. Hope you have a great Easter too!


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