Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to School

Yes I know this is week 3 of school here in Tas but I just had to post these lovely photos. The whole family headed to school for Emma's first day of Grade 1. We were actually the first to arrive in her class (this is unheard of and I told the teacher it will probably never happen again - hehe!)

Andrew took his camera and managed to take some lovely shots of both the girls. Emma is particularly hard to photograph as she never stands still long enough and doesn't seem to like having her photo taken as a rule. Sophie on the other hand loves to pose for photos.

Emma happened to be chatting to the teacher when this photo was taken, hence the lovely smile! Sophie was busy drawing and thought she was starting school as well - she would quite happily have stayed for the whole day I'm sure!

Em had a bumpy start to the school year, as her first couple of days were full of tears and anxiety. Luckily she seems to have settled in again and is enjoying her new room, teacher and classmates. We have a school "Meet & Greet" bbq this Wednesday evening, which will allow us to hear more about how the teacher structures the day and exactly what they get up to. It's also a great chance to chat to other parents and enjoy a cheap family dinner!


  1. Thanks Isis, yes my hubbie has a flair with the camera!


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