Friday, March 12, 2010

A Chance Meeting....

Just when I thought my day/weekend was heading south (had to take my dog to the vet this morning and she has to have a short operation this afternoon!), I stumbled upon a good friend's partner & daughter in town. They live in Brisbane, so it was a bit of a surprise!

Then we were able to meet up for a lovely coffee in the sun, have a chat and catch up on all the goss. I hadn't even told her about Sunday's Child and my creations so it was lovely to swap news. Her biggest news was that she is expecting another child in July and is already 5mths pregnant. It's really funny but with her past pregnancies I've always found out at the 5mth mark - weird!

Here she is pictured with her son Arhcie who is 16mths old - what a cutie! Thanks Peta, it was so lovely to be able to catch up "out of the blue" - it was obviously meant to be.

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