Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Market

I have just been confirmed as a stallholder for the March Handmade Hobart Market. This is normally a 2 day market but on this occasion is being held on the Saturday 20th only - from 10am to 3pm.

The Handmade Hobart Market is normally held at St Peter's Hall on the corner of Harrington & Brisbane Sts, however as the hall is being used for election voting the market will be held outside, next to the hall on the netball courts. Let's hope we have some lovely weather on the day!

All proceeds from stall hire are donated to the Mutaho Children's Foundation - the brainchild of a young, local Hobart woman who seeks to teach sustainability skills to AIDs orphans in Kenya.

So just to recap, my next market appearance is:

Handmade Hobart
Saturday 20th March
10am to 3pm
Next to St Peter's Hall
Harrington St, Hobart


  1. Oooh If I am in the neighbourhood, I'll definitely stop by and say hello!

  2. That would be great, would love to meet you in person.


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