Monday, February 22, 2010

At Our House

"Fairy Grotto"

Miniature Fairies

Plaster Fairies decorated by Sophie (3yrs)

I'm joining in the play along blogging fun over here at Buttons by Lou Lou. This week's theme is "At Our House".

With 2 young girls in the house their is always a lot of pink & fairy paraphernalia about. After a trip to the "Faerie Shop" at Salamanca on Saturday we have come home with more trinkets to add to the collection. So my daughter Emma has built a "Fairy Grotto" in the corner of her room. There is also a miniature collection of fairies in a tin music box. To add to that the girls have been busy making plaster fairies (with dad's help) & painting them in lovely rainbow colours - so cute!


  1. All very pink and pretty! Opposite here at my house with 2 boys :)

  2. So true, boys & girls are very different. Although saying that both my girls are quite different from each other as well. Can't wait for next week's theme!


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