Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Perfect Summer's Day in Hobart

After taking the girls to their first swimming lessons for the year, we headed to the famous "Salamanca Markets" to soak up some rays and of course the atmosphere. Where else would you rather be, but down by the waterfront on a beautiful summer's day in Hobart. We really do live in one of the most glorious places on earth!

Hubbie & the girls with their ice creams.

Here's yours!

Salamanca Lawn - lots of people enjoying the shade.

We enjoyed brunch at "Smolt", followed by a mandatory visit to the "Faerie Shop"! With 2 girls It's hard to leave without buying anything, so they both ended up with a lovely parcel of goodies each wrapped in fairy glitter filled cellophane. We then wandered into the market itself, stopping at different stalls and ending up on the lawn enjoying an ice cream. Hope you are having a great day too!

The view thru the markets with Mt Wellington in the background.

Some "Toe Tapping" Jazz Buskers.

Tea anyone?

The Smallest Pancakes in Town - Yummy Dutch Pancakes
covered in Raspberry Coulis & Cream .... mmmmm!

Tasmanian souvenirs for the tourists!


  1. sonia it looks like you had a perfect day out - well done!! what a way to spend a perfect saturday in hobart!!! hope the rest of ur wkd goes just as well.

  2. Thanks Courtney, yes it was a perfect day! Great weather too. I have to get back into sewing this week, as I have lots to achieve before the next markets. I'm sure it will be a good week, and I hope your week is a productive one too.


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